Russian Nostalgic Impressionism. Drawing.

Monastery Wall. 26x49. Oil on canvas. 1994.

The Kolomna church. 31x43. Oil on canvas. 1992.

Summer in Kolomenskoye. 45x66. Oil on cardboard. 1991.

Autumn in Kolomenskoye. 47x32. Oil on canvas. 1991.

Tobacco and Cognac. 25x19. Oil on cardboard. 1988.

A Policeman. Study. 40x30. Oil on canvas. 1988.

Cold Landscape. Sketch. 39,5х49. Oil on cardboard. 2010.

Reflection. Study. 51x31. Oil on cardboard. 2010.

Grey winter. Study. 51x32. Oil on cardboard. 2009.

Thawing weather. Study. 44х51. Oil on cardboard. 2011.

Lilacs on a Table. 52x41. Oil on cardboard. 1990.

Roses. 47,5х34,5. Oil on canvas. 1996.

A Small Bridge. 51x32. Oil on board. 2003.

On the Verandah. 49x32. A canvas on cardboard. Oil. 1991.

Fresh Water. Study1. 70х50. A hardboard, oil. 2000.

Flowers in Jar. 80х50. A hardboard, oil. 1990.

A wood Brook. Study. 53х53. Oil on cardboard. 2011.

Kitchen Utensils. 44x53. Oil on cardboard. 1991.

A Jar. 39x49. Oil on cardboard. 1991.

By the Window. 24х35. Paper, gouache. 1989.

A Home Arrangement 1. 60х40. Water-colours. 1990.

The First Water-Work. 25х35. Water-colours. 1982.

Student. 30x40. Water-colours. 1982.

By the wall. 20x29. Water-colours. 1988.

A Woman's Portrait1.Water-colours. 25x35. 1988.

S.A.Trusov.29x39.Water-colours. 1988.

Studio Watercolours. 43x59.Water-colours. 1987.

Afterdark Gown. 28x30. Paper, charcoal. 1987.

Sketch. 27x35. Paper, charcoal. 1987.

Stas. 29x35. Paper, charcoal. 1987.

Self-portrait. 43x30,5. Paper, mascara. 2003.

Liza's portrait. 43x30,5.Paper, pencil.2003.

A Plaster Cast, Laokoon . 60х40. Paper, pencil. 1992.

Satyr. 60х42. Paper, pencil. 1990.

Nude 4. 60х40. Paper, pencil. 1990.

Nude 9. 50х30. Paper, pencil. 1991.

A Plaster Cast Antinous. 60х40. Paper, charcoal. 1991.




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